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Hi! My name is Sora Vernikoff and it’s been over 20 years since I became aware that I had a 
food problem. All I ever did was think about food all day and how fat I was. I took on the challenge of healing myself (by no longer dieting and by journaling) because no one ever said to me “Sora, you have a weight problem because you can’t manage your own food-thoughts and that’s why you can’t eat and stop yourself.” In addition, no person ever or no book ever explained to me just how to do that!

However, through not dieting and journaling I did teach myself just how to do just that!

I taught myself how to eat whatever food that I wanted and to be able to stop myself.

As a result, I took off 25 pounds which I’ve kept off to this day. Now it was at that point that I knew as an educator that I could transfer my classroom “management” skills to food-thought “management” skills and so Sora’s Weight Loss “Management” Program was born. This systemized no diet, weight-loss program as taught to hundreds of unhappy dieters is now available in the book Eat What you Want! Stop When You Want! A No-Diet, Weight-Loss Program and is a great no-dieting alternative for the fed-up dieter. 

Statistics show that there are 45 million Americans that are either thinking of going on a diet or who are on a diet but that 97% of those will regain their weight and then some within three years of their dieted weight loss. 

Now that’s because diets are restrictive programs that don’t let you have the food that you really want. So of course, you’re going to want more of the foods that you can’t have and of course you’re going to wind up diet “bingeing” or diet “overeating” all in an effort to get more.

And so that’s how diets work and so that’s why diets don’t work! Nothing is ever “enough!” You always want more!

But when using Sora’s Weight Loss “Management” Program, you’re not restricted in that you can eat any food that you want, stop when you want and as a result become forever thin and healthy all without having to diet. 

So why be afraid of food, when you can make peace with it by learning two simple eat and stop yourself techniques as taught in Eat What You Want! Stop When You Want! A No-Diet, Weight-Loss Program now available on Amazon.


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